Is seeking attention from others while in a relationship cheating

Is seeking attention from others while in a relationship cheating?

Is seeking attention from others while in a relationship cheating? It’s a very complex question with many threads attached to it. Firstly, there are two main things involved: action and desire. 

It’s normal to feel attracted to a person other than your partner. But when you are in a relationship and continuously want to seek the attention of others, actively flirt, or talk about your attraction towards others in front of your partner, it is wrong. 

Many people will argue about it as the answer will depend on what you will do in such situations. Just wanting to have the attention is not wrong, but enjoying it actively from other gender crossing the boundaries of the relationship is wrong, and cheating on your partner. 

To have a clear understanding of “Is seeking attention from others while in a relationship cheating? We have discussed the common signs that they are seeking attention from others and the main reasons for such behavior. 

5 Sign your partner is seeking attention from others while in a relationship

Here are the five common signs that your partner is seeking attention from others while in a relationship with others:

1. They get jealous easily

It’s common for someone hiding something to get easily jealous. How will they be able to trust you when they aren’t trustworthy themselves? 

Whenever you get attention, he will be alert like something is going on. Such behavior of a partner shows their double standard.  

They will enjoy when they are the center of attention but will not get over how you get it. 

2. They are the center of every conversation.

You may think they are very extroverted, but notice it’s getting out of line. You will see that he is the center of everything, not in small gatherings but at parties. 

He likes inviting everyone to himself and then sitting with them, making the whole night about him. He will interrupt you while talking, talk over you, and not take your opinions. 

His dominating behavior will make it evident that he is seeking the attention of others while representing himself as the alpha in the relationship. 

3. They thrive on compliments.

Seeking attention from others while being in a relationship is a mess. It becomes even more complicated when your compliments seem insufficient for them, and they thrive on others’ compliments. 

They want to be appreciated for all the little things he is doing. They do this to be seen and known. Such people get a kick out of the compliments, and if they don’t get them, they will show you anger for not being aware of their perfections.

4. They get insecure if they aren’t invited to things

It’s normal to forget someone while you are making an invitation list. Sometimes, people are aware of the nature of partners and don’t ask them. 

When such things happen, they will get frustrated and angry. They will start counting their good deeds towards them, telling you how awful they are to treat you that way. 

While talking to him, you will feel like a child is having a tantrum about how their friends are enjoying things without him. 

God forbid you are invited to the same even that he doesn’t! You don’t want to hear the next. He will insult you so that you will give up on going there. 

5. He wants you to dislike all the people he doesn’t like

It may sound weird, but it is true. When there is a specific person your husband doesn’t like, he would like clothes to hate them as well, especially you. 

He wants you to hate them to feel like he is extremely good at judging others’ characters. If you like a person he doesn’t like, he will not sit still till he makes you feel bad. 

He will feel repulsive towards the person who is better than him. He will doubt how he can be that good, ignoring that he is not the only person with some good things. 

5 Leading Cause behind Why Your Husband Seeks Female Attention

There could be many reasons why your husband is seeking female attention. Sometimes, your gut feeling or relationship anxiety is causing this confusion. To solve this problem, we have described the five common reasons your husband seeks female attention. So, without any delay, let’s dig into it:

1. He is having excessive loneliness

The common reason when your husband starts seeking attention is that he feels lonely. It’s common to get so busy at work that you ignore your partner. 

Sometimes, a busy life makes us ignorant of our duties towards our partners, making them seek attention from others. There can be various reasons he needs to highlight the situation to you. The main reason can be visualizing themselves as the controlling partner. 

Hence, such conditions will make him seek attention from the other females who are already willing to do so. 

2. Your husband is a serial cheater.

If your husband is constantly seeking female attention, then it’s the main clue that he is a serial cheater. A serial cheater? Yes! It’s one of the manipulation tactics, and he may be having fun behind your back. 

His increasing desires make it quite visible, and now he finds it difficult to disclose it to you. When you confront him, he will instantly shut you off by saying you are overthinking. 

He will instantly increase his game once you ignore it, thinking you overreacted, assuming you are okay with his behavior. 

3. He is making you jealous.

Another common reason for seeking attention from others is to make you jealous. You may have consciously or unconsciously done something that had hurt him. 

He is seeking attention from the other females around you to get back at you. He may behave normally but is cooking something in his mind. 

The best trick is to observe his behavior to find out. Is he peeking towards you after getting other females’ attention? It must be this reason if he is glimpsing at you to see your reaction. 

Such things usually happen when your husband has a competitive nature. 

4. Your husband has some narcissistic tendencies.

Is your husband narcissistic? Such people are good at making people think they have a very charismatic and confident personality, but the reality is different. 

Narcissist people always want to have validation from an external person to make them feel confident. He can be a narcissist trying to find external validations to overcome his insecurities. 

For example, if he doubts their looks, he will seek other female attention to eliminate his insecurities. 

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5. He has unmet needs.

Let’s discuss some facts: marriage is a complex bond nourished with mutual understanding of things and making efforts together. 

If you are playing on the back foot and neglecting your responsibilities towards the relationship, you are opening your relationship to all future misunderstandings. 

If he thinks you no longer care about your bond, he will start seeking attention from other females for fun and to take it to the next level. 


Some husbands always tell you that you are enough for them but, at the same time, make you insecure by seeking attention from other women. 

If he is willing to work on his faults, you will see he is your best person. But not everyone is that lucky in life. 

Observe his behavior if he is trying to change himself for the sake of you and your relationship. 

Unfortunately, some men’s narcissistic egos don’t let them see the big picture. They think they have the right to do so. 

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