Do gamblers cheat in relationship

Do Gamblers Cheat In Relationships?

If you are in a relationship with a gambler and uneasy because of their habits, wondering if they would cheat on you. It’s probably the most common question among the partners of a gambler, and unfortunately, it doesn’t have a straight answer. So, do gamblers cheat in relationships? The answer is it depends upon the situation. 

It depends upon the severity of the gambling addiction. In some people, gambling addiction can make the person dishonest, deceived, and always ready to betray or cheat in their relationships. 

Though not all gamblers have these negative traits, some of them successfully manage their addiction without letting it interfere with their relationship life. It’s vital to realize that every person’s situation is unique; therefore, the effect gambling has on relationships will also vary. 

Forms and levels of gamblings

There are different levels of gambling, and each of them has its risks. For example, buying a lottery ticket or making a minor wager on a game is considered light gambling. 

On the other hand, there are high-stakes casino games, illegal betting rings, and even online gambling.

The risk of gambling is not limited to the type of gambling. But it also matters how often and how much a person gambles. Some people rarely play casual poker games with their friends, while others will see some betting on sports games every other day.

Gambler’s personality trait

Before discussing whether gamblers cheat in a relationship, it’s essential to know the personality traits of a gambler. Here are some of the common personality tendencies and traits of a gambler:

  • Narcissism
  • Low empathy levels
  • Risking behavior
  • Compulsivity
  • Impulsivity
  • Low self-control
  • Deceptive tendencies

These gamblers’ traits not only negatively impact the relationships but also affect their overall personality. Still, some gamblers cheat while others may not. However, these personality traits increase the chances of them being unfaithful.  

Gambling and cheating connection

The researchers studied the relationship between relationship cheating and problematic gambling and found an exciting yet troubling connection. 

According to the studies, a person suffering from regular gambling issues is more likely to cheat in a relationship. 

This statement doesn’t refer to a person who is buying a lottery ticket every Christmas but the one who is gambling with a persistent and compulsive urge. 

These relations are shocking and point toward more significant issues in the future. It’s not a simple statement like, “Gamblers are cheaters.” 

Gambling doesn’t only affect the present but also imposes significant risks to your future. But remember that these studies don’t give a hard and fast rule. 

Having a bad gambling habit doesn’t mean a person will indeed cheat in their relationship.

Main reasons why gamblers cheat

Like other people, there can be a variety of reasons why a gambler cheats in a relationship. Some gamblers cheat to escape the guilt of their gambling addiction. Some cheat due to a lack of emotions in the relationship. Some may cheat to fulfill the thrill nature related to gambling.

Signs that show your gambling partner is cheating

Though gambling addiction doesn’t always mean cheating, just to be sure, here are the signs that your gambler partner is cheating on you. 

  • He will start distancing and become avoidant. 
  • He will start pampering himself and getting ready to wear new clothes. 
  • They will start spending more time on their computers or phones.
  • They will keep things secretive.
  • When you share your concerns, you will see their defensive nature. 


Gambling addiction can lead to severe problems that can badly affect a relationship. If a person is keeping their gambling addiction hidden from their partner, then it’s apparent that they will feel betrayed. But without any proof, thinking that your gambling partner will cheat on you is wrong. 

Try maintaining honest yet open communication in your relationship. Gambling addiction can increase the lies and secrecy in a relationship. Before making any decision about your relationship, make sure to understand everything and prioritize your mental health. 

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