Engaged but no talk of marriage

Engaged, but no talk of marriage| Know the exact reasons

These days, getting engaged to your long-term partner without actually tying the knot is normal. When you dive deep into the statistics, it will make you break out into hives. 

I asked my friends if they wanted to be engaged for a long time and skip the wedding. Most of them agreed that it wasn’t a big deal. They say that the engagement ring shows their partner that they are not just boyfriend or girlfriend but more than that. 

The engagement shows their sincerity with their partner. After very long research, I discovered that my friends are not alone; many people are going into extended or permanent engagements. 

What is forever engaged?

According to research in the US, around 59% of millennials never get married, and 9% are in domestic relationships. When you get into the depth of this idea, you will see many youngsters for whom getting engaged is a better option than getting officially hitched.

Let’s discuss why people prefer to stay in the engagement zone. 

These days, marriages are not like they were in the old times. Marriage is not just a case of cold feet. In the past, marriage was the mandatory milestone in a relationship; that has now evolved into a massive life event or a capstone, causing the couple to delay and even avoid it altogether.

The overall rate of marriages in the US is just 50%, which was once 72% in 1960. Though no exact number of couples get engaged with no thoughts of marriage, we all know people who are engaged for 5, 10, 20, and even 30 years. 

5 Signs that he may have proposed but won’t marry you

Here are a few signs that will make you aware that he may have proposed to you but will not marry you. He is using the ring to shut you up for a long time. 

1. You are paying his bills.

Are you paying his bills, and is he living at your place? 

Gold diggers are not only females. Sometimes, they give the ring to get as many benefits as possible. If that person is enjoying the free ride, they may marry you.  

However, in most cases, they wait for the endpoint when you put your foot down about marriage

2. He is keeping you and his family separate.

When a person does this, understand what he meant through his behavior. He is making it clear that you are not his family, and he has no intentions of making you one.  

When someone is serious about you, he will try to see you hanging out with his family and loved ones. 

3. He claims he is against marriage but proposes.

When a man says he is against marriage, he is. And still proposing to you with a ring is a sign that you are in a fool’s gold marriage. 

The ring will have no emotional value attached to it. 

4. You will feel you need to sell him on marriage.

It’s not a good sign to start a new chapter. It shows that neither of you value yourself. If you need to sell him on commitment, he is an idiot, and you are becoming a fool by staying with him. 

When you are at this point in your relationship, he already knows you are not the one he wants. 

5. He is flirting with other girls.

When a man is serious about marriage and your relationship, you will never be afraid of any girl around him. But if your man acts the other way, he keeps his other options open. 

Such men are useless, so don’t waste your time by staying with him. The best that can happen at this time is marrying a serial cheater, and the worst will be badly damaging your self-esteem. 

8 Reasons You Are Engaged, But No Talk Of Marriage

Here are some of the common reasons that you are engaged but there is no serious talk of marriage:

1. Relationship Consideration

Many engaged couples take the time of their engagement to deepen and explore their relationship before committing to the marriage. 

They may take this period to build trust and compatibility before discussing the marriage. 

2. They Are Prioritizing The Present

Many couples are happy and content with their engagement, and rather than rushing towards the marriage, they prefer to enjoy their engaged life. 

Such people think they have a strong bond and don’t need to hurry towards marriage. 

3. Cultural Aspects

There can be many factors that can affect the couple’s decision to marry. These common factors include cultural factors, family expectations, and societal pressure. 

They may need time to address all these cultural and societal expectations before proceeding with the marriage. 

4. Personal Beliefs

Before marriage, many people are influenced by their values and personal beliefs. The religious, philosophical, and other ethical aspects can impact their approach to discussing marriage. 

5. Lack Of Coordination

The lack of communication between couples can make it challenging to make up for the expectations of their marriage. It will result in unorganized schedules and a lack of coordination in their marriage. 

Lack of communication can also bring gaps between the couples that demand having honest and open conversations. 

6. Relationship Period

If your engagement is new and you haven’t spent much time knowing each other, the delay will be worth it. 

It will be wise to spend more time together, make your relationship more vital than ever, and discuss marriage. 

7. Legal Issues

There can be some legal issues like the immigration delay, and it takes time for one partner to address them before having the real marriage talk.

8. External Environment

Many other reasons can delay the marriage, including financial instability, job issues, health problems, or other personal issues. Before marriage, your partner will need a longer commitment to address them thoroughly. 

Before planning a marriage, it’s important to discuss these issues. 


If you read this article, I hope you will find a valid reason for his behavior. I am sorry. Most of the time, the partner must still be ready to jump the broom. And reading this article to understand the situation means you are on the same point. 

Frankly, such things have made dating and relationships hard for the people around us. Having these signs in the relationship, you must take some steps earlier. To get over this. 

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