What do guys want in a long-distance relationship?

What Do Guys Want In A Long-distance Relationship?

Long distance relationships “LDRs” are a mix of the bittersweet pain of missing the one you love and the joy of video chats. 

There is no doubt about the fact that long-distance relationships are hard to sustain. Maintaining a relationship, especially when there is no physical contact, requires a strong commitment from both partners. 

Knowing what guys want in a long-distance relationship will strengthen the base. Being aware of it will enable you to make the bond stronger and negotiate the downfalls that a long-distance relationship can throw your way. 

Wondering, “What do guys want in a long-distance relationship?” Well, without wasting a second, we are going to find out what guys want in a long-distance relationship. 

He wants your reassurance.

Insecurities are part of a relationship, and it’s normal for a boyfriend to seek constant reassurance, especially when you are miles away. Telling him how much you miss him will give him the reassurance that he needs and will make the relationship strong. 

Reminding him of the love you have for him despite the distance will form a stronger emotional bond. Remind him of your commitments during the challenging time when the distances are becoming dominant.

Good Communication

Good communication is essential to maintaining a healthy relationship in a long-distance relationship. You can foster intimacy in a long-distance relationship with the help of clear communication. 

To avoid this distance hurdle, honest and open communication is the best way to make the relationship flourish. 

  • Share your feelings openly, as it will help in building trust. 
  • Some guys tend to hide their feelings, which results in unresolved insecurities. 
  • Without having open communication, mistrust and suspicion will make your relationship tremble. 
  • Sharing your true feelings can strengthen the emotional connection with your partner. 

Lack of communication can affect any healthy relationship and create misunderstandings. You still have to communicate these misunderstandings with him and figure out what went wrong to resolve them. 

Honest and good communication works wonders in a relationship. 

Videos calls and lots of pictures

Your guy wants lots of picture and video calls in long-distance relationship

Your boyfriend, miles and miles away, could be desperately waiting for your video call. Fortunately, this digital world has made it easy for couples to survive a long-distance relationship happily.

The lines from Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik’s song perfectly describe my point; “Been sitting eyes wide open behind these four walls, hoping that you’d call.”

Take advantage of this digital age by going on virtual dates and movie nights with your boyfriend daily. Look at each other’s faces and appreciate him or tell him he is handsome. 

Tell your man how much you miss him. It’s how you need to express your feelings and let him know this physical distance can not affect your strong bond. 

Send him photos often. Send him your food photos, cute outfit pics, and workplace pictures to create a stronger bond. It’s the best way to let him know how much you mean to him, especially when you aren’t able to have long and clear conversations.

Make video calls and send pictures as part of your daily routine. 

Similar Plans and Goals

Having similar goals will help the relationship stay on track, whether it’s planning an outing together or making plans. 

When you dream together by setting goals and making plans, you will feel like a team. Working together as a team to achieve your dreams will strengthen the relationship and help you progress on the right track. 

They want to be loved even far away.

Every man wants to feel loved even when they are in a long-distance relationship. In a relationship, a small gesture means a lot, especially in a long-distance relationship. 

Do you miss him a lot? Why not send him a surprise package? This small thing will make him feel how much he means to you. Giving small compliments on his outfits will make him feel cherished and adored. 

Sharing moments of your daily life, like a coffee date or a movie with Skype, will make you involved in your life. Such small moments keep the spark alive and make the long-distance relationship thrive beautifully. 

Writing a surprise email or love letter

Writing a love letter to your long-distance partner is the best and most emotional way to show your love. A love letter full of emotions becomes a beautiful memory that we store close to our hearts. 

But if you think writing a letter is complicated, write him a surprise email. Writing email is a very romantic thing to do these days.

Most men are not good with emotions, so you can lead it by writing an exciting email or romantic love letter for them. It’s one of the things that a long-distance boyfriend expects from his girlfriend. 

Get close emotionally

To bridge the physical distance, getting close emotionally and physically is the best solution. Having open communication, sharing personal feelings, and discussing deep stuff help in maintaining a close and meaningful relationship despite the differences. 

Set future goals together.

Set your goals and make plans with him. Doing so will strengthen your involvement and commitment to the relationship. 

Setting your future goals together also gives a sense of belonging in the relationship despite the physical distance between you two. 

You can set any minor goals, like planning a movie together, or some major ones, like living together. You can also plan a traveling trip, or a holiday together, or can discuss money matters. 

He is expecting efforts from your side.

Long-distance relationships require efforts from both partners. Some days, he might be contributing 20%, so you will have to give 80% and vice-versa. 

Your partner is expecting efforts from your side just as he does to make the relationship work long-distance. Efforts don’t always have to be grand. Sometimes, just initiating a conversation, making a plan, or finding ways to stay connected shows how much you value the relationship. 

Address his insecurities

If one partner is insecure in a relationship, then it is the other partner’s responsibility and make them go away. Maintain open communication and improve transparency in your relationship. Find the root cause that is causing these insecurities in him. 

Is it from his past relationship, or did you do something that harmed his trust? Did you hurt him somehow? If that’s the case, then you need to build trust and solve these problems. 

Surprise makes the bond stronger.

Surprising each other can go a long way in bringing you closer to each other. You can keep the spark alive with some surprises. It can be anything big or small; the main thing that counts is emotions. 

Some interesting surprise ideas can be:

  • Surprise visit
  • A care package
  • Surprise gift
  • Or a surprise letter (as mentioned above)

Such surprises will make him realize the efforts you are putting into the relationship. Such periodic surprises help in maintaining the spark in your relationship despite the distance between you two. 

They expect their personal space from you.

Even in a long-distance relationship, personal spaces and some boundaries are important. Though it’s important to keep in touch and share your lives, at the same time, it’s vital to respect each other’s personal spaces. 

Guys don’t like being controlled; like us, they need their personal space and time. To maintain a balance, set boundaries and communicate clearly about the uncomfortable things. 

Respecting certain boundaries in a relationship is the key to a healthy and happier relationship. 


It’s easy to understand what guys want in a long-distance relationship. In the end, it all comes down to good communication, trust, and making him feel important in your life. By being aware of these small things, no matter how long, the distance never comes between your relationship. 

Remember that love knows no bounds, and by knowing each other wants, you can have a strong bond even miles away. No person is perfect, so go ahead and work on the things that can make your relationship better.

Don’t forget to plan a surprise for your boyfriend.

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