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100+ Best Monthsary Messages for Boyfriend

Do you want your boyfriend to feel special in your monthsary but need clarification about the best monthsary messages for your boyfriend? Healthy relationships get stronger when we show appreciation and gratitude toward each other. 

Celebrating monthsary with words is an ideal way to express your feelings. By sending a perfect monthsary message to your boyfriend, you show him how much you appreciate his presence in your life. Showing your partner how much you care for them should be meaningful, and it doesn’t have to be a struggle for you.

So for your help, we have 100+ best monthsary messages for your boyfriend.

Happy monthsary messages for boyfriend
  1. Happy monthsary love! Celebrating our special day is one of the best things in this world. Our relationship has been full of love, joy, laughter,  and memorable moments. I am very grateful to have you and want to cherish all our moments together.
  2. Happy 1st monthsary, love! Your presence has completed my life and made me a better person. Thank you for being my partner. 
  3. Happy monthsary, love. You are the best part of my life, and I can never tire of loving you.
  4. Babe, before you, I never knew the meaning of love, and in the last month, you made me realize how beautiful this feeling is. You have made me a firm believer in true love. 
  5. With every month passing, our love is becoming more profound and more potent. With time our relationship is becoming more vital than ever. So on our monthsary, let’s look at our precious moments and all the beautiful memories of us as a couple. I appreciate your presence in my life. Cheers to many more beautiful moments ahead.
  6. Happy Monthsary, sweetheart. I am grateful to God for blessing my life with your presence. Love you.
  7. I wish you a very happy monthsary, dear. I can never get enough of your love and love. Let’s celebrate our special day forever. 
  8. Darling, I love you so much, and it’s increasing every day. Let’s hang out tomorrow to celebrate our one month together. 
  9. On our monthsary, I want to tell you that your presence in my life has brought me so much happiness and strength that I can’t mention. Your humorous, supportive, and understanding nature has made me confident enough to achieve anything I want. Thank you for being there for me when I need you the most. 
  10. Happy monthsary, darling! I love you from the bottom of my heart. Celebrating the first month together and many more to come. 
  11. Happy monthsary love! I will always cherish our moments together. Wishing for many more to come. 
  12. Baby! It has been a month for our love. I never imagined I would be able to find my soulmate and true love in this world. I can 100% say that it’s you for me. I will love and cherish you forever. 
  13. Today another month has passed of our beautiful journey together. Let’s celebrate today to remind us of our commitment and love for each other and all the beautiful times we have had so far in this journey. 
  14. I loved you yesterday and today and will love you tomorrow. No one can separate us. I love you to the moon and back—happy Monthsary, love.
  15. My most significant moments are with you; our best days are yet to come. With the celebration of this milestone of our journey, we know that we are blessed. Happy monthsary, darling.
  16. In you, I can see my life partner. I am so lucky to fall in love with you. You have been there every time I needed you. I hope we stay the same and be there for each other constantly. 
  17. My love, I can never imagine my world without you. This last month was the most memorable time of my life. Your presence makes me feel like a particular person. I love you a lot. 
  18. It’s already another fantastic month of our love together. We are celebrating our monthsary with the hope that this special day will bring many more together.
  19. Our relationship has made this month the best month of my life. I want our lives to be the same and even better. Happy monthsary, dear. 
  20. Love! You are mine, and I am yours. I can always enjoy you and your love. Happy monthsary, darling.
  21. I don’t even realize when minutes turn into hours, hours into days, and days into months. Your presence in my life has made every moment memorable. And today, celebrating the month of our togetherness, I am feeling truly blessed. 
  22. Dear, I love you so much. I am so lucky to find a rare person like you. Your love has made me believe in true love and soulmate. Happy monthsary!
  23. Happy monthsary to my one true love. May this month be filled with joy, surprises, and laughter. I feel blessed to be able to share the moment of fun and laughter with an extraordinary person in my life. 
  24. I may not be a perfect person for you in other eyes. But your love has made me confident enough to be proud of myself. I am willing to work on my imperfections for you. Thank you for staying by my side and boosting my confidence. Happy monthsary, my love.
  25. Every moment of our love is a blessing for me. May I keep getting this blessing my whole life? Happy monthsary love!
  26. In the last month, I realize you are the person I always idealize as my partner. I can’t express how much I love you. You are the blessing I have waited for a long time.
  27. This milestone deserves some recognition. I wish you a cheerful and blissful monthsary, dear. May our relationship stays the same forever, and our love for each other become more assertive with every passing moment. I hope no situation can break us apart. Love you, my sweetheart.
  28. Through all the ups and downs, smiles and frowns, fights and arguments, hugs and kisses. We will go through this together, not just now but forever. Happy monthsary, my love. 
  29. Though it’s only been a month of our relationship, I can see my future partner in you. Happy 1st monthsary, dear; stay the same. 
  30. Babe, you have made me believe in love. Our every moment has been so magical; this was the best month of my life. Love you forever. 
  31. I cherish and adore your presence every moment. Being able to call you mine is one of the best gifts of my life. Happy monthsary, dear. 
  32. I am so lucky to have your love in my life. You are my energy dose, without whom I won’t be able to live. Happy monthsary, my passion. 
  33. You may be far away from me, but our souls are together. Happy monthsary, love. Sending hugs and kisses. 
  34. I never thought of having someone so precious in my life who would love me as you do. Realizing how lucky I am to have someone like you, my happiness has no boundaries. 
  35. When I think of you, my heart skips a beat. No matter the situation, you make my day much sweeter. Happy monthsary, darling. 
  36. I am so much in love with every moment together that the only thing that makes sense is spending my whole life with you—happy monthsary sweet, heart. 
  37. My love, you have stolen sleep from my eyes and filled them with daydreaming. You are going to pay for this as soon as we meet. Happy monthsary, love.
  38. Sweetheart, you have made me feel like an extraordinary person. I can’t stop myself from loving you more every day.
  39. Happiness changes shapes depending upon the person whom it’s shared with. But being on your side makes my pleasure even lovelier. Happy monthsary! Thanks for being an essential part of my life.
  40. You have given me the three best months of my life. I wish to have your love for the rest of my life. I love you dearly. Happy monthsary, darling. 
  41. Don’t get fooled easily if you think I am the loveliest girlfriend. That’s only the girlfriend version of me, not the wife. Happy monthsary!
  42. Every minute of our last month was my life’s best and most memorable day. Let’s be together forever. Happy monthsary!
  43. The past month has been perfect as I could spend every moment with you without any worries. Your love is enough for all the tensions in this world. Happy monthsary, love. 
  44. It’s rare to find someone who has unconditional love for you. You are fortunate to have me by your side. Sending hugs and kisses. Happy monthsary. 
  45. Months will pass, but my love for you will never fade away. We will be together till eternity decides to part us. Let’s stay close together till then. To have you in my life, my heart and soul are all grateful. Let’s love each other forever. Happy monthsary!
  46. I have spent the most beautiful days of the last year of my life. Every single moment together with you is special for me. Your presence makes me feel blessed.
  47. Happy first monthsary to the person who means everything in my life. I wish our love stays the same together forever. 
  48. Happy monthsary, darling, Your existence in my life means everything to me. You are the most precious treasure that I will never lose. Stay the same, love.
  49. Being with you is no less than a dream come true for me. I am feeling blessed to be able to celebrate another successful month with you. I am thrilled to have someone like you with me. Wishing for many more monthsary and anniversaries together in the future. Happy monthsary, darling. 
  50. Today I will file a case against you for stealing my heart and keeping it for a month. Do you know the compensation for your crime? Spending your whole life with me. Happy monthsary!
  51. After having you by my side for a month, I can see our future together. I want you to stay by my side forever. I am sending a big hug on our monthsary. 
  52. I am so happy that another month has passed with the most unromantic boyfriend in the world. But I am equally sad that I will have to spend a thousand more months with you. 
  53. A new month deserves appreciation for the last month and a fresh start towards a happy journey ahead of us. Cheers! To another chapter with an unending story. Happy monthsary, darling. 
  54. I will never cry as long as I know you are by my side. Our love makes me happy and blessed. Happy monthsary.
  55. A monthsary is a fantastic day for us as we can show our gratitude for the month filled with joy and happiness it brings us. Wishing for even more laughter and loving moments. I want our relationship to grow stronger every day. 
  56. Happy monthsary! Nothing is more precious than being able to spend my life with you. Thanks to God for making you a part of my life. Yes, I am saying this because I am grateful for your presence. 
  57. Happy monthsary! I wish for nothing more but a person like you to become my partner. Thanks to God for sending you because you are one of a kind. I am showing gratitude on our special day for a particular person. 
  58. This monthsary is the sign of the start of another month that will come with lots of joy, laughter, and beautiful moments—celebrating the milestone with joy in my heart. 
  59. You are in my heart every second. Let’s celebrate this wonderful day and start another chapter with love in our hearts. Happy monthsary, darling.
  60. Happy monthsary, love. Today is the day to acknowledge our love for each other. It’s been the most beautiful and precious month of my life. 
  61. Being with me is difficult, but you do it every day. Thanks for being so fabulous. Wishing you a delighted monthsary love. Love you a lot, cutie.
  62. With each passing moment, my love is becoming more vital and profound. I wish we walk hand in hand with every passing day. Happy monthsary!
  63. During these 30 days, you have given my life a whole new positive turn. My life has changed for so much better. Happy monthsary, baby. 
  64. Keeping track of the days makes me realize it’s been so many days of our love. With you, hours feel like seconds. May our love for each other become more vital than ever. I promise to love you forever. Happy monthsary!
  65. When I am with you, I can’t keep track of the time; hours feel like seconds with you. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for becoming an irreplaceable part of my life. 
  66. I want to know if it’s daydreaming or not. You are the most wonderful person I have ever met. Thank you for stealing my heart. Love you, Happy monthsary. 
  67. The best gifts can never be bought or sold, but that is felt by the two people deeply in love. I am thankful for the most beautiful gift, which is you. 
  68. Love your presence in my life has made me a calm person. Thank you for filling my world with charm, bliss, and a beautiful heart. Happy monthsary!
  69. Happy monthsary love! I love you more than ever. I am so glad to be able to celebrate this milestone with a wonderful person like you.
  70. I wish I would forever hold on to the beautiful memories we made last month. I want to spend the rest of my life with your love. Happy monthsary.
  71. I am so happy to have spent a month with the most loving and romantic boyfriend ever. Your love makes me complete. Love you, sweetheart, Happy monthsary!
  72. You are the best thing that has happened to me in this life. Stay the same forever, darling. Happy monthsary. 
  73. It’s been a month of our unconditional love for each other. I am so grateful for all the unforgettable memories we made together this month. Happy monthsary, love. 
  74. Happy monthsary, babe! I love you now and forever. I wish to spend my whole life with you with love, joy, and happiness. Let’s celebrate each moment together. 
  75. When we first met, I knew we had a unique connection. It’s been the fifth month of our relationship, but I fall in love with you again every time I see you smile. It has become a habit that I will never get rid of. Happy monthsary, darling. 
  76. On our special day, I want to share how lucky I feel to have you in my life. You are kind and thoughtful and can make me laugh anytime. Your handsomeness is a brownie point. Babe, you are the best boyfriend ever. 
  77. The last month is the best time of my life. Thank God for blessing me with a boyfriend like you. 
  78. I never keep track of any moment. But your presence has made my life precious and worth remembering. Your love for me this whole month is a treasure I will always keep. Happy monthsary, darling.
  79. The day we first met, I fell in love. Our love and understanding for each other is increasing day by day. I can never get tired of this love. 
  80. Happy monthsary, darling! I love you more than ever. I am glad you become a part of my life. Wish to celebrate our every milestone together forever.
  81. Wishing you the monthsary with all my heart. You are my rock, sweetheart. You have made me confident enough to achieve my dreams. Thank you for being there for me whenever I needed you. 
  82. Congratulations on our monthsary Every moment with you is the best day of my life. Celebrating the first milestone together. Thank you for coming into my life. 
  83. On our monthsary, I want to let you know that you are the most impressive and loving person. You taught me not only to believe in love but self-love. I can see my whole future with you. Happy monthsary, honey!
  84. I am grateful for every moment we share as a couple. I want to remind you no matter where life takes us, and everything will be possible till our love remains. Happy monthsary!
  85. Dear boyfriend, I know you are as happy and grateful as I am for this day. I wish we spent our whole life together with love and joy like this month. Wishing for thousands of more months to come. 
  86. A month has passed like the wind blow, and spending an eternity filled with love and compassion is not enough for me. Happy monthsary, darling. I love you to the moon and back.
  87. I wish I could stop or slow the time. I can’t believe it’s been a whole month. Time flies when you are enjoying every moment. Happy Monthsary, my forever!
  88. I want to send lots of hugs and kisses to tell you how memorable you have made this month for me. Thank you for being my secret crime partner. Happy Monthsary!
  89. When two people are meant together, no matter how much time passes, their feeling never fades. That’s how exactly my love for you is. I will always appreciate and celebrate our every moment together. We are celebrating our 7th monthsary like it’s just the first month. 
  90. Though the most romantic month is completed, I am sure it’s just the beginning of our everlasting bond. I am sure many more beautiful moments will come in the following months. Happy monthsary.
  91. You are celebrating the first month of togetherness and looking forward to much more. Your love has made me confident. In this short time, you have become my everything. You mean everything to me. Let’s celebrate the monthsary together. 
  92. Happy monthsary, honey! I never thought of having a boyfriend like you. Your kindness, humor, and caring nature have made me fond of you. Love you a lot. Stay the same forever, sweetheart.
  93. Happy monthsary! Like the last few months, I want to spend my whole life with you. You have become an irreplaceable part of my life. 
  94. Spending my life with you has become a source of joy for me. Months are passing by, but our relationship is growing every day. Thank you for being such a fantastic life partner. Happy monthsary!
  95. Spending time with you is making me fall deeply in love with you. I feel blessed to be able to celebrate every moment with you. Happy monthsary!
  96. Celebrating another monthsary together reminds us how far we have come together since we met. Cheer to many beautiful memories together. 
  97. You have made this month as bright as the first day of our relationship. I will celebrate your presence in my life forever to cherish our moments together. Love you, honey!
  98. Happy monthsary! We did it, celebrating the first month of our relationship with the wish that we could spend our whole life together happily. 
  99. Thank you for all the unconditional love and support you have given me in these three months. I cherish your love and want to make our relationship more robust—Happy 3rd monthsary.
  100. I am incredibly thankful for the love and respect you show towards me. Our relationship has made me the happiest girl in the world. Happy first monthsary, darling.

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Do you have someone who can make your heart beat faster but keeps your soul at peace? If yes, I am sure you are among the luckiest person. The man who can make you feel like that deserves all your attention and love. 

Since you are already looking for loving monthsary messages, I am sure you love him a lot and will do something big to make your day memorable. Though you can express your feelings naturally, we have made the procedure easier. 

I hope these monthsary messages for your boyfriend inspire you to express your love for him on your special day. Celebrating a relationship milestone will only boost your relationship in a positive direction.

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