Is drunk kissing cheating when In a relationship?

Is Drunk Kissing Cheating When In A Relationship?

In most relationships, drunk kissing is considered cheating, so you need to be cautious with sensitive things. Instead of hiding the incident or lying about the situation, be brave and admit the mistake. 

When a relationship has enough trust, commitment, and good communication, the relationship will survive. Trust and commitment to the relationship can save the bond in the complex situation of a drunken kiss.

Though drunken incidents are often considered accidents, they can shake the foundation of a relationship. It makes the partner wonder if they can endure this sudden hasty action. This article aims to clarify “Is drunk kissing cheating when in a relationship?” and “Can a relationship survive a drunken kiss?” 

Is a drunk kiss the end of a relationship?

In a strong relationship, there is little space for honest mistakes. If the partner was super drunk and kissed a random person and is genuinely apologetic, then it’s an understandable situation. If they didn’t mean that and are super guilty about what happened due to alcohol, then you two should sit and have a discussion. 

Though many people don’t consider it as cheating, many relationships end there as well. If you believe your relationship means more than a drunk kiss, you should consider giving your partner another chance. 

Talk and try to work it out, but if you think it is more than a kiss, then you are free to make any decision.

Survival factors of a relationship after a drunken kiss

Here are the few factors that can determine whether drunk kissing cheating when in a relationship and can survive:

Survival factors of a relationship after a drunken kiss

1. Trust level

Trust is the foundation of any strong relationship. It plays a significant role in determining if the relationship can survive the drunken kiss. If the person genuinely regrets his behavior and has a spotless and trustworthy record, it will be much easier to forget a mistake. 

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2. Intent of kiss

To understand the situation, it is essential to understand the intent in which a drunken kiss happens. You need to see if it was a one-time thing or if it has become their repetitive behavior. 

By going into the depth of the kissing intent, it will be much easier to decide. If it was a genuine mistake due to poor judgment in alcohol influence, you can forgive.

But if it is due to dissatisfaction with the relationship, then it is considered cheating or in a similar context. Thus, it’s essential to know the intent behind it. 

3. Commitment Level

Commitment level is a significant factor in determining the survival of a relationship after a drunken kiss. At this time of the relationship, both partner’s commitment level to their relationship will decide if they will be able to build the same level of trust again. 

Strong commitment in relationships comes with a shared vision of improvement and growth. In such relationships, both partners have a strong will to overcome obstacles. 

4. Relationship with the person involved in the drunken kiss

Kissing a stranger is different, but kissing someone you know is different. Kissing a stranger can be considered a moment of bad judgment. Besides, if you have a strong bond with your partner, they may forget it. 

But the situation will be very different if you have kissed your girlfriend, friend, or ex. 

5. Open communication between partners

After trust and a strong bond, communication plays a vital role in a stable, committed relationship. Open communication is the best way to solve a complicated situation like a drunken kiss.

Both partners should talk honestly about their emotions and expectations towards each other. It is also essential to have a peaceful environment where both partners can sit, explain, and understand each other points and insecurities. 

If there is any doubt that it affects the relationship, then discuss it beforehand to get rid of it completely. 


Is kissing someone while drunk considered cheating?

Technically, yes, most couples agree that while being in a relationship, getting involved with someone physically, sexually, and emotionally is considered cheating. Being drunk doesn’t justify your circumstances.

What does a drunk kiss mean?

There can be a different situation to what drunk kissing means. Sometimes, being drunk frees your hidden feelings. He can have feelings for that specific person, and being drunk lets him express them. 

Should I tell my partner about my drunk kiss?

If you continue to drink and do weird things behind their back, it’s essential to tell them about the incident. But if a person is unsure of what happened and wants to eliminate the drinking habit, then it’s up to them how to handle the situation. It’s always better to tell yourself as if he knows from somewhere else it will be a massive blow to your relationship. 


In most cases, drunk kissing is considered cheating when in a relationship. Even if the partner forgives, there will be fears and skepticism in the relationship. 

Besides, if you are thinking of hiding the incident from your partner, believe me, it will further complicate things. Hiding such things risks the survival of the relationship. That’s why it’s essential to communicate in a relationship honestly. 

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