Fear of farts

Fear Of Farts |Flautophobia

Ever been in a situation where another person farted, but you got the blame. Does your mind go blank when somebody talks about farting? Do you run after hearing a fart? 

Does the slightest smell make you afraid of getting blamed? If the thought of farting makes you tremble, then you suffer from the fear of farts called flatuphobia. Fear of farts is included in an illogical list as it affects many people’s lives.

It escalates to the point where that person starts cutting off his social ties to avoid it from happening. Such behavior results in depression

Causes Of Flatuphobia

To focus on the leading cause, you need to review your previous interaction and behavior. You may have an experience in which a person farts in a group resulting in pure chaos. Everyone escapes the area, making faces. 

This situation convinced you that it was so embarrassing for that person and you never wanted to be in that situation. 

Sometimes, it comes from upbringing. You may live in a family where it’s not considered suitable to fart, even if you don’t have control. Sometimes, such fears are hereditary and passed down to the family members. 

Symptoms |Fear of Farts

Here are some physical and psychological symptoms of flautophobia that restrict people from attending gatherings and social events. 

  • Physical symptoms
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Hot flashes or chills around the body
  • Sweating or shivering
  • Choking sensation
  • Tightness or pain in chest muscles

Psychological Symptoms

Here are some of the psychological symptoms:

  • Always want to isolate
  • Shame, self-blame, or guilt
  • Attention issues or confusion
  • Fear of diseases
  • Fear of losing control
  • Mood swings, impatience, or anger
  • Mood swings or anger

The individuals can experience many other symptoms depending upon the severity. 

How to deal with flatuphobia?

How to deal with fear of farts| flautiphobia

Like all phobias, the fear of farts is irrational. However, if this phobia affects your daily life or restricts your social activities, you must find ways to deal with it. Many self-help methods help overcome your procrastination; if these methods don’t help, you can also seek professional help.

There is no specific treatment for fear of farts, but here are some general treatment plans that benefit in most of the cases. 

1. Self-help

You can help yourself overcome the fear of farting by taking good care of yourself. Make proper lifestyle changes, exercise daily, improve your diet, and do better with your sleeping schedule. These things will not let the intestinal gas gather much; less gas means less fear. 

Another self-help option is to face the phobia with bravery. The exposure will reduce your anxiety with time. Join a group with similar issues where you can share your problems without judgment or fear. 

In addition, you can also help yourself with relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation to help yourself. 

2. Professional Help

If you feel the phobia is too much for you to handle, consider contacting the therapist. Treatment options include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or talking therapies. 

3. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy helps understand the negative thought patterns that cause extreme fear. It will help confront the fear of farts and overcome it with a more realistic and optimistic thinking strategy. 

4. Talking Therapies

In talking therapies, you visit your psychotherapist, counselor, or psychologist. The main goal of talk therapy is to help people identify their physical and psychological distress causes.  

Similarly, in flatuphobia cases, the fear intensity can range from mild to severe, causing depression. By identifying the leading causes of the distress, talking therapy helps overcome the anxiety. 


The best way to overcome farts fear is to accept the farts in all their glory. I know that is easier said than done; that’s why it’s important to remind yourself that;

“I am one of the many farters.” The flatuphobic person fears passing gas, whether it comes from him or the person next to him. He will stress the smell, the sound, and the finger that people will point at him. 

Passing gas is a standard body procedure to eliminate the trapped air and toxins. But with time, it’s considered a disgraceful and disgusting act. It’s probably the main reason why people are becoming flatuphobic. 

Understand yourself and your body and accept it to be happy. Let’s all do this starting today. 

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