Types of Guys who stay single

24 Types of Guys who stay single

Some types of guys stay single. Yes, they are far from settling down as they aren’t interested in any serious relationship. 

There are several reasons behind these types of guys who stay single. Some are not serious about their relationship, and some are not confident enough to start a romantic relationship after a breakup. Some need time to sort out their issues and move on. 

There are many reasons behind it, and in this article, I will share the primary reasons why guys stay single. So, without any delay, let’s dig in:

1. Cranky Users

Some people have particular tastes in dating, and such people are willing to sacrifice their entire lives looking for the right one. Such people never compromise on their goals and preferences. 

They enjoy their personal and professional lives and don’t worry about being alone. Choosy guys like that stay single for a very long period. 

2. Aging players

Such men like to have fun in their youth with multiple women and focus on having fun before settling with someone. When such boys don’t settle even in their thirties, they will slowly feel lonely and sad sometimes. 

Such people can develop insecurities that will not let them commit to someone. 

3. The Immature Guy

Immature guys are a particular type that are not bad but nice guys. However, they are ignorant and don’t let the girls attract them. If you expect a serious relationship, it is better to walk away. Everything you do will be meaningless, cringe, or a waste of time for them. 

They don’t take the relationships seriously or make much effort to maintain them. They expect everything from their partner without taking any responsibility. 

4. Rich spoiled brats

More money doesn’t always make you arrogant, hop into a relationship, or stay single. Having money can be a blessing or a curse when it comes to relationships. It’s the same with the relationships. 

Having more money makes a person able to meet more people worldwide. At the same time, you don’t know if the other person has feelings for you or is just using you for money. 

Considering the spoiled factor, it becomes even more complicated as some boys expect the girls to pamper them like their mama does. Such boys look down on others and can’t make an effort in relationships. 

5. The married guy who pretends to be single

The most common types of guys who stay single for a long time is the married one who pretends to be single. These people need to be more intelligent with their lies. Such guys not only get dumped by the girls but sooner or later, their wives also realize that they don’t deserve to be treated that way. 

They are just a waste who disrespects their vows and partners. Such people don’t stay in a prolonged relationship. 

6. The ones who don’t grow up

types of guys who stay single for a long time

Such guys are known as the man-child. They think it’s time to date someone, but instead of looking for a partner, they are looking for a new mom. Such guys expect their partner to do a job, take care of the home, cook his favorite meal, and simultaneously satisfy him. 

Unsurprisingly, high-value or independent women would want to date such men. He has lots of things to work on. 

7. The insecure man

Men can also be deeply insecure. They might be uncertain about their personality as they were always looked upon as geeks. Men who fall into this category are usually short, bald, or have flaws that, according to society, are not manly enough. 

Too many insecurities become repulsive. Want someone who can constantly reassure you? It will drain their energy levels and will push people away. Fortunately, insecurities can be conquered if the person is ready to work on himself. You can also go to therapy to get rid of it completely.

8. The resentful one 

Such guys are in continuous fights with people all around the world. He will see all the world’s injustice and decide to fight against it on its own. Such men are:

  1. Always looking for opportunities
  2. Champions in blaming others
  3. Disrespectful of any opinion that doesn’t match theirs
  4. Always defensive

Such guys are soared, sensitive, and bitter at the same time. They don’t like being held accountable for their faults and are highly egotistical. These traits make them less likable to women. 

9. Frantic man

Such guys can become very desperate at the point that they think they want to get married immediately to have a family. They can become very desperate at points. They don’t know what they want in life, and their desires change as time passes.

When they think of something, they will do everything to achieve them. Such behavior is difficult to handle at times. 

10. Friend-Zone guy

Their personality makes every person want to be friends with him, including girls. He may have such a great personality that every girl want to be friend with him, but just friend. It’s hard to say the main reason, but generally, girls can’t cross the just friends point. 

Becoming a friend-zone guy makes it difficult to date a girl and lowers self-esteem, making their dating life even more difficult. Such things impact their mental health, and they question themselves, “Am I not good enough?”

11. The Guy is considered less “manly.”

Do you know how patriarchy is affecting men? These people feel uncomfortable in their skin and feel they are less manly due to balding, small height, or being sensitive to certain things. These are the “manly” standards society sets, and girls want to be with attractive and manly men. 

Such thoughts make them introverted or less open, with girls thinking they are better off alone. Some men may have feminine qualities or low income that make them nervous in front of girls. 

12. Divorced dad

If someone has gone through a divorce with their partner or gotten out of a bad relationship, he will need time to settle his thoughts before starting fresh. If the person has kids with him, he will be more conscious of making decisions that will also impact their life. 

With kids, he will prefer a woman who can be a better mom than someone just interested in him.

13. Weird guy

These men don’t have any troubles when they enter into a relationship. However, once the relationship starts, their weird personalities start showing. This weird guy doesn’t give much value to her girlfriend. 

They don’t prefer spending time with their partner or meeting their friends or family. In short, they make minimal effort in the relationship. Such people don’t usually change and expect their partners to make changes in their lives. They are not concerned about their partners’ feelings and do what they like to do.

14. Party boys

Rich kids and players are generally linked with the party boys, but that’s not always true. Some good guys also fall into the party boys without parameters. Such guys let the alcohol and fellows affect them more than their brains, resulting in staying out later than planned. 

Such types of people don’t go well with long-term relationships as there will be many fights and disappointments due to their behavior. Conflicts and mistrust are enough to destroy a loving relationship. 

15. Dinosaur guy

As we discuss the types of guys who stay single for a long time, a traditionally rigid guy called the dinosaur must be included. Such guys were the ideal type of guys for women in the 1800s. 

Such guys have conservative minds with too many rigid rules for women and have traditional aspects regarding marriage and gender roles. They give themselves the role of protector and provider of their women assigned by society and become uptight and focus on controlling their women. 

Nobody today will want a man who will make them feel like a little pet, especially if he makes her feel owned by him. The constant surveillance of women, disrespecting her rights and boundaries, will immediately make her regret the decision. 

16. The delusional guy

You know we all go through a phase in childhood when we are fussy eaters. Always pick out peas or things we dislike until the last bite. The delusional guy has the same behavior in adulthood but with their women.

Such delusional guys don’t date women till she has a thriving career with a perfect glass-hour shape, even though most do not catch themselves. Such guys usually have a beer belly and a dead-end job. 

Someone must throw a bucket of ice water on them to make them see reality. 

17. The emotionally unavailable man

When you start dating this guy, you will feel like you have found your partner. He will be loving and attentive towards you. His ideal personality and behavior will make you think why he was still single. 

The fact is you haven’t triggered his fear yet. He will completely cut you from his life wherever you do it. Such persons are emotionally unavailable and don’t take a minute to abandon someone due to their lack of emotions. 

18. Guys who are scared of love

A person who didn’t experience or learn healthy living attachment in childhood is often scared to love. He wants to be loved, but at the same time, the thought of love scares him. Such guys rarely fall in love as they point faults in the woman they date. 

Such guys walk out of a relationship over minor things that most of us would ignore. 

19. Guys who are always in a rush

Though the biological clock doesn’t apply to men, they are also under much societal pressure. Society terrifies the guys in their 40s who are still single or childless. The guys in a rush will one day wake up from sleep and feel they want a family or child.

In a rush, such guys will sign up on all dating sites and, within a few dates, think of having a wife. However, these types of guys are in a hurry, but generally not the bad ones. Ensure you are on the same page as him, like marriage or children. 

20. In-the-closet guy

According to the Yale School of Public Health, around 83% of the world’s sexual minority means gay, lesbian, or bisexual, keeping their orientation hidden from everyone as society does not accept this entirely. Hence, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions. 

Many gays have to pretend to be straight so they can’t have lasting affection towards a woman. Such guys prefer to be single till they feel confident to be open about their sexuality. 

Women approach these guys with romantic feelings but reject them, giving different excuses. 

21. “Be at home by 9 PM,” guys.

There are rare chances that you will have a healthy relationship with a controlling freak. Such boys give goosebumps to the girls. They will start their game by isolating you from your friends, family, and social circle. 

They quickly get jealous, which makes them control everything you do. And in this century, not so many people will tolerate such controlling guys. 

22. “Money solves everything,” guys.

These guys have nothing else to offer other than spending money stupidly. They don’t have any deep emotions, affection, or especially love towards their partner. Such guys are not emotionally available in their relationship and think money solves all problems.

Nobody wants to have such guys in their life who, instead of giving a shoulder to cry, can only offer money. Such people have imprinted on their minds that money can do anything for them.

23. Controlling parent guys

Some parents are too controlling over the decisions of their children. If your partner has such parents, it will affect your life badly. He will not be able to date a girl like others. 

If the girl’s choice differs from the parents, there will be a lot of harmful competition that will complicate things. These guys who stay single don’t have control over their lives, and those things don’t let them in a long-term relationship. 

You should avoid being involved with such guys unless you are ready to make many compromises with your life. 

24. Online dating guys

When there is one single boy in a group, he will start getting frustrated and aggressive. They can get mad about not finding a partner or their increasing age. You will see them available on every dating site, asking girls to date with them. 

Their singlehood will create insecurities that they never want to accept in front of anyone. When people ask about their relationship status, they either say they are too busy with work or give other excuses. 


This article represents many types of guys who stay single for various reasons. Every guy has their reasoning behind a specific behavior. Some types of these men don’t want to change and will rarely change. 

But some of these guys will try to change themselves when they find themselves a girl they love and cherish. You must have much love and patience for such guys to see the magic happening. How before making any final decision you must know what you looking for in a relationship.

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