How to make a woman want you?

How to make a woman want you?

If you get hold of a few fundamental principles, you can easily make a woman want you. This article will share practical ways to make a woman like you. In simple words, it will make attractive girls attracted to you.

You can benefit from these tips to make your girl obsessed with you. 

Do you have a crush on a girl in your group or a girl in sight you want to date, but she doesn’t seem to have an idea? Are you trying to attract her by ignoring her or talking interestingly in front of her? These old tricks don’t work these days. 

Boost your confidence. Instead of following the old tricks, follow the below tips to make a woman want you.

Be confident 

You should never forget that a man should always treat himself better. Women will treat you how you treat yourself or how you allow them. The common mistake youngsters make is losing themselves while really into their girl. 

Women can become used to your weakness, and attracting her while being defensive will become challenging. You will attract a woman when you value yourself. 

When you are self-confident, you will have the self-worth to display. Your girl will test you to determine how confident or self-worthy you are.

Don’t ignore yourself.

Make sure you see yourself as a desirable man, and instead of her, put yourself on a pedestal. Many people enjoy living a made-up reality and then regret the outcome of their fantasy. It’s called idealization.

If you find yourself in such a situation, then the ideal is not to go above and beyond to attract a girl. By doing this, you will lose yourself and regret it later. It means you’re still sticking to your day-to-day activities and remaining focused on your life and daily activities. 

Give the girl space.

If you want your girl to be attracted to you, give her breathing space instead of fighting for her attention every moment. You shouldn’t need to go to this extreme unless you see things getting serious with another guy. 

Play it cool unless she has the time to heal and has a fresh perspective on the relationship. It doesn’t mean completely cutting off the communication. But the purpose of this point is not to message her every five seconds to ask if she wants to go on a date. It will drive her off. 

When you give her space, she will likely think about you. It will make her eager to know what you are up to. Besides, it’s a sign of maturity that will make her want you more. 

Give her a sense of trust and comfort.

Most guys try changing their personalities according to the liking of the woman they are impressing. Remember that it’s not your true self and will make you look dishonest and wrong. 

It can also make women alert and defensive toward you. Try to be your genuine self to make a girl comfortable around you. This way, you will see her opening up and getting emotionally attached to you. Such emotional connection creates deep love that makes her want you. 

Woman must reciprocate

How to make a woman want you

In many cases, I have seen a man making all the efforts and a woman not reciprocating. In such cases, it makes you doubt her intentions. 

When trying to attract a woman, make sure she appreciates your efforts. In addition, instead of giving you everything, you know her better to see if she receives you. If you notice that she is not reciprocating and is trying to move in and out occasionally, she might be using you or unsure of her feelings. That’s the point when you should back away. 

Don’t be dependent on her.

You need to give your girl some space, but that doesn’t mean you can sit and wait for her to do the rest. Instead, think of the things that were getting her away from you. It can be something simple like not giving her enough time. Or something complicated like not appreciating her or spending too much time with your friends. 

You need to highlight the issues that are making her distant from you. It can be more complicated if she is the one distancing herself. Think about all the possible reasons and get rid of them immediately. 

Build a solid emotional connection.

Women are more attracted to their emotional feelings. Creating an emotional bond with a woman you love will make an indispensable bond. When a woman likes you, she will find you more attractive by ignoring all the imperfections. 

The intense emotional connection will make her strongly attracted to you.  A woman desires a man to whom she is attracted. So, to make an emotional connection, try to get to know her better and understand her reactions and decisions.

She will attract you when she feels how beautifully you understand and motivate her. 

Make your intentions clear.

The common mistake some men make is pretending to be the woman’s best friend and showing no expectations of romance. That’s how guys permanently get stuck in the friend zone of the women they like. 

You should make your intentions clear at the start to eliminate such doubts. It will be an excellent way to build comfort and trust from the start and make her curious at the same time. 

Understand what the women want.

Relationships are all about give and take. You like the woman because of what she is offering, the same way she wants you for what she gets from the relationship. Understanding your desires will help you to be in a better place for what you need. A person’s desire can make them vulnerable and trigger their daring personality to achieve what they desire. 

She will open up quickly when the partners have comfort and trust. You can explore what a woman wants in a man sexually, physically, and emotionally. She will be more attracted and content if she is fulfilled with you. 

Emotional dependency is an excellent tip if you want your girl to attract you. 

Tell her your real feelings.

Once you are sure she has the same feelings, beating around the bush will be useless. Find a perfect, quiet place with a romantic background to express your feelings. Once you sit together, look into her eyes and tell her how much you love and want to be in a relationship with her. 

Instead of groveling, tell her you want to give your best to the relationship. Be specific; instead of making false and empty promises, tell her your real expectations from the relationship. 

If she is hesitant, instead of getting disappointed, give her time to think. 


How to make a woman fall in love with you madly?

Here are some of the most effective ways to make women fall in love with you:

  • Accept her the way she is
  • Give her priority
  • Be passionate and confident
  • Show her affection
  • Be vulnerable
  • Appreciate her love language
  • Show her you are a trustworthy person
  • Help in lightening her load
  • Be confident and desirable

How do you make a girl miss you?

You can make a girl miss you by making her feel special. Make her have a wonderful time on your date, and tell her how pretty she looks. Talk about her interest, compliment her, and listen to her. Don’t hesitate to tell me how much you missed her. 

How do you tell if a girl likes you?

Here are some of the common signs a girl shows when she likes someone:

  • She will smile at you
  • Running fingers through her hairs
  • Making prolonged eye contact
  • Short glances your way
  • Exposing her neck
  • She tilts her head toward you
  • Licking her lips
  • Looking away when your eyes meet together

How to impress a woman?

Here are some of the effective ways to impress a woman:

  • Ignore your phone when you are together
  • Compliment her 
  • Be well groomed
  • Look her in the eyes
  • Be well-dressed and groomed
  • Help her with her coat
  • Socialize with her friends


Learning how to make a woman want you can be challenging, especially if you want to win her back. If you know that you two have an incredible connection and will be worth the time to make all the effort, work harder to impress her. 

If you want to attract her, you need to give her space and make her realize how amazing of a person you are. 

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