Why guys grow beards after a breakup

Why do guys grow beards after a breakup?

When a relationship ends, many men start growing their beards to cope with their pain. But do you know “why guys grow beards after a breakup?” For many, growing a beard is like a shield to protect them from vulnerability and pain. It reclaims their control over things, expressing their new selves and getting together. 

Well, there are many psychological reasons behind this typical behavior in men.  In this article, we will discuss why guys grow beards after a breakup and the main reasons behind it. 

These are the main reasons why guys grow beards after a breakup:

Symbolic transformation

The beard is the visual representation of resilience and progress in less. It expresses the ability of the person to move on with their lives and reflect on their relationships and themselves. 

Sense of control

Breakups often bring out different emotions, like the lack of control in life and loss. While being in this vulnerable stage, men prefer doing things that can give them back some sense of control or empowerment. 

When a man is willing to change his appearance, the first thing that will cross his mind will be growing a beard. It’s possibly the best way to show control over their image. 

In this period of constant changes, growing a beard provides a sense of mastery and stability in their life. 

Boost in self-confidence

Main reasons behind why guys grow beards after a breakup

Men don’t want to show their weak sides and always enjoy a sense of control in situations. Such people hate feeling vulnerable. That’s why a breakup season is a testing time for them. 

Breakup can have an impact on the mental health. That’s why most men wanted to do something new to regain self-confidence. 

Having a beard boosts their confidence and gives them a sense of security. It is also a way to help mask vulnerabilities. 

Desire to change

Growing a beard can be a person’s desire to start afresh. He wants to make a prominent change in appearance that will show how he is willing to leave his past behind. Such people want a new life and believe that changing their appearance will be a step towards their new beginning. 

Comfort and stability

Breakups are emotionally damaging and often makes individuals long for stability in their life. During this challenging time, familiarity often brought comfort. In cases where guys have had beards before their relationships, returning to their familiar routine will make them feel at ease. 

Beard becomes a constant presence in their life and provides stability and continuity during this challenging period. The beard becomes a familiarity that supports them during this emotional period. 

Avoid social pressure

Societal pressure and expectations vary due to their standard behaviors and environment. For guys having a clean cut, remove all their facial hairs. Many men avoid this social pressure by keeping their beards. 

It becomes a rebellious act against a society that allows individuals to embrace their personality without making any compromises. This act encourages them to welcome their new selves and move on. 

Coping mechanism

After the breakup, growing a beard is like a coping mechanism for men. The growing and grooming of their facial hair helps them process their emotions and find solace. Doing so will help them move out of their trapped emotions. 

Reinforced masculinity

For men, the beard has a solid connection with their masculinity. Growing and grooming their beard is a way to benefit their sense of manhood. In some societies, men’s maturity, strength, and power are linked to their facial hair. 

Sometimes, a breakup can affect self-confidence, and growing a beard can help reaffirm their self-confidence. Following these cultural ideals can benefit in reclaiming the sense of belonging in a society that expects men to own such traits.


After a breakup, many men adopt post-breakup grooming habits like growing a beard to cope with the emotional stress. Facial hair transformation is a visible reminder of resilience and progress. 

Growing a beard gives a sense of control over the appearance and is a self-care act that shows your personal style expression. 

Besides, growing a beard after a breakup symbolizes the moving on of the guy from his previous relationship. It empowers them, boosts self-confidence, gives them a sense of control, and helps them embrace the change. 


What is the psychological reason behind growing a beard after a breakup?

The main psychological reason behind growing a beard revolves around multiple facts. For men, growing a beard makes them feel confident and attractive. Besides, facial hair is often associated with masculinity. 

Do men grow beards when stressed?

Stress has a tremendous impact on the beard growth. Stress increases the production of cortisol in your body and disturbs the hormone level. Thus, the imbalance in hormones also affects the development of your beard by restricting the vitamins and other nutrients that reach the follicle. 

Why does a guy suddenly grow a beard?

You may be surprised, but the most common reason behind the men growing beards is their pure laziness. Shaving, as you can already tell, isn’t that easy to do every day. 

What is a breakup beard?

Many men, after a breakup, grow a beard to overcome the stress. According to the experts, guys grow beards to show that they have control over their lives. But in some cases, it’s an indicator of depression and the most common sign a therapist looks for. 

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