When does divorce regret set in?

When does divorce regret set in?

Divorce is an emotionally challenging phase with several feelings, like regret. It’s normal to wonder if you make the wrong decision and regret getting a divorce. But at the same time, it’s essential to learn how to cope with the feelings to move forward with your life. 

In this article, I will discuss different situations when divorce regret sets in and some strategies to overcome it. Your friends, family, and colleagues will give you advice out of love that you may need help finding helpful. But digging into your emotions is the best way to understand and eliminate the divorce regret. 

When does divorce regret set in?

Many different factors make you regret the divorce. Some of these factors include: 


After getting divorced, the youngsters feel they are missing a critical life phase and experience. They start believing they may not find love again or have a happy marriage. 

But when you are older, you have already experienced many things and missed many while married. You are also realistic about your chances of finding love. 

Children and their ages

Children are some of the biggest reasons that the couple regrets getting divorced. It’s pretty simple: divorce affects children’s relationship with their parents. You may feel like divorce is negatively affecting the children’s mental health. 

While being a single parent, you may think you have lost your primary caregiver. Especially in young children, parents are worried about the impact of divorce on children’s life. You may feel regretful seeing that your children are growing up in a broken home and struggling to choose between you and your ex-husband. 

When the children are older, you probably won’t regret it because of them. 

Your financial status

A married couple usually splits bills, groceries, rent, and other expenses, but you must do it yourself after divorce. Most people don’t realize how expensive a divorce can be till they are left with no or very little money.

Going through a divorce makes you regret it, as you don’t know your future. So, financial stress can be a significant contributing factor to divorce regret. The financial struggle when you cannot support your children’s needs alone can make you regret your decision. 

People with stable incomes who can support themselves and others relying on them are less likely to regret it. 

How do you overcome divorce regret?

Knowing you have made the right decision makes you less likely to regret it. For example, if your ex-husband was abusive or you were unhappy with your marriage life, you will be less likely to regret it. 

Your life perspective

When you start looking at your condition with a positive attitude, you will not experience divorce regret. Instead of digging into the past, if you have done anything that could have happened, focus on how far you have come after the divorce. 

But if you are stuck in your past or doubt the future, you can regret the divorce. 

Your support team

Some people don’t have friends and family to help them through the divorce, making divorce even harder. When you don’t have anyone to share your thoughts, you start feeling depressed. A support system is essential to motivate you to move on. 

During a divorce, one person may not be enough to provide all the support you need. So try talking to lots of friends. If you don’t have family or friends, join therapy with people going through the same stage of divorce

Talk with your children.

Have a deep conversation with your children that no one is possible for divorce. Tell them it is vital to give them a positive environment and you are always with them. Keep the children out of all the disputes with your ex-spouse.  

Maintain stability with your ex to keep the children’s environment calm, peaceful, and comfortable. Remember that your children are also going through a lot. 

Accept your feelings

It’s normal to experience various emotions after going through a divorce. Instead of avoiding them, you have to acknowledge and respect your sentiments. It will benefit in processing your feelings and moving forward without any regret. 

Make a list of your regrets.

Keep track of the timing when you are regretful, when you are emotionally misbalanced, or when you are calm. Observe if you are only regretting the end of the marriage or the divorce procedure. 

Make a complete list of all of your regrets in a notebook. There will be many things on the paper that you can’t change. At the same time, some are real and are a part of the divorce grieving stage. Most people regret getting married in the first place, selling a house for their spouse, or putting a lot more effort into the marriage. 

Keep in touch with family and friends.

You will need a robust support system to go through this tough time after divorce. You need your family’s love and your friends’ support to remind yourself that the end of a marriage doesn’t mean the end of the world. 

If you don’t have a robust support system, consult a therapist instead of dealing with everything alone. Communicate with other people through social media.

Focus on your strengths.

Regret means that something you want is no longer with you, weakening you. But when you concentrate on your start focusing on your strength, it motivates you to keep going. 

Write down all of your strengths. Even if the marriage is a failure for you, many things will be good enough to motivate you to keep going. Your kindness, compassion, and knowledge are the best qualities that promise a better future for you. 

You have to keep faith in yourself and move forward in your life. The knowledge and experience you have gained will help you in the future. 

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness will help you to stop digging into the past and focus on the present moment. Mindfulness and other techniques like yoga will help you stay grounded and reduce your regrets. 

Seek therapy

Seeing a therapist will benefit mental health and be a great option to avoid past divorce regrets smoothly. An experienced therapist will help you understand your current condition and teach you the beneficial coping mechanisms to eliminate the divorce regret. 


Is regret average after getting a divorce?

It’s normal to go through different regrets after getting divorced. It’s a normal part of the divorce grieving process.

When does divorce feel wrong?

According to psychologists, if you have done something wrong, you need to accept it to eliminate the divorce regret. You can never change your past, but you can try not to let it happen again in the future. 

Who regrets the divorce most?

According to a survey of 254 divorced women, only 27% regretted their divorce. However, of the 206 men, it was reported that 39% regretted leaving their wives. 

Do men regret their divorce later?

According to the survey of 206 men, around 39% of the people regretted leaving their wives. However, it was more complicated as the statistics have many hidden layers. For example, a man regrets the divorce after his extramarital affairs, but a man who has been cheated on doesn’t. There were many hidden situations behind everyone’s feelings. 


When does divorce regret set in? Divorce regrets can come any time after the divorce, and their timing depends upon the person and the circumstances behind the divorce. Some people immediately regret the divorce, while others feel guilty years later. 

The everyday things that trigger divorce regrets include milestones like birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. These moments can remind you of the excellent time of your life with your ex-partner. Some other things, like seeing an ex with another person, can also trigger such feelings. 

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